Meet Our Team

We work with a network of trusted professionals who add invaluable skills and services to meet our clients' needs. Our clientele is diverse and we engage our trusted network of associates to help them meet their diverse needs, across a broad continuum of acuity and complexity. Our associates include clinical, interventional, logistical, and legal professionals along with over 75 trusted residential and non-residential treatment and care programs.  When our client needs the services of these trusted professionals and programs, we develop a plan of action with them and facilitate needed connections and teamwork. Many clients have their own professionals with whom they already work; we are happy to work with them as well.


We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard and maintain no financial relationships with any of the associates in our network and accept zero referral fees from treatment programs we refer to. 

Virgil Stucker

Founder & President

Therapeutic Consultant

Stephanie McMahon, MA


Health Coach

Disclaimer: As therapeutic consultants, we advise, advocate, recommend, facilitate and empower, but we do not treat mental illness or addiction. We are not licensed mental health professionals, but will often refer you to professionals and programs for treatment. (Note: We have no financial relationship with any of these professionals or programs.)  Any consultation we give is for educational, informational and motivational purposes only and is not meant to replace professional psychiatric, psychological, programmatic, legal or financial advice you may need for yourself or your family member. 

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