Meet Virgil & Associates


Virgil Stucker

Founder & President

Therapeutic Consultant

Demand for our services has increased to the point, where I can not accept all invitations from families to become a therapeutic consultant for them. In addition, I have retired from shorter-term placement work while continuing to offer extended support and planning advice for a few clients. Through my past membership on the Board of the Therapeutic Consulting Association ( I have come to know trusted colleagues who have interests similar to mine. Some of these are therapeutic consultants Tazim, Joanna and Lexy who are added as Associates below. I have also included Gretchen because of her expertise in the complexities of developmental disabilities and autism. Rounding out the team, I have added Brad. He is the most skillful ‘preventionist’ I have every worked with, who can enter into crises and help the person in need to move from chaos to calm, while getting them to the services they need. He often supplements the work of the therapeutic consultant. 


My Associates do not work for me. Families contract with them directly. Having them on my ‘team’ helps me to make sure that families who reach out to me can have easy access to people I trust. Each of my Associates works nationally and some internationally.   


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Tazim Salehani, MS

Educational and Therapeutic Consultant. Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Advanced Trainer. Lives in Texas.

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Gretchen Levine, MA

Therapeutic Consultant. Lives in North Carolina.

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Brad Richards, MA

Psychiatric Preventionist. Lives in New York

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Joanna Lilley, MA

Therapeutic Consultant. Lives in Michigan.


Todd Weatherly, M.Ed.

Therapeutic Consultant.  Lives in North Carolina.