Meet Tazim


Tazim Salehani, MS

Educational and Therapeutic Consultant

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Advanced Trainer



Tazim received her bachelor's degree in psychology and criminal justice and went on to receive her master's degree in clinical psychology. She has been working in the mental health care field for over 15 years of which 10 of those she was an executive and was associated with some of the best adolescent and adult residential treatment centers in the U.S.  This allowed her to understand programming from both a clinical and business perspective.  From starting an intensive outpatient center, building business development teams, working on mergers she recognizes the intricacies and operations of programs.  Tazim has also taught at a university, worked at a medical school, and has presented on various topics including the efficacy of neurofeedback and finding the right fit for placement and programs.  Her research experience combined with her pragmatic approach allows her to analyze the situation on hand from a 360 perspective.  As a therapeutic consultant she is determined to help families through these tough times and believes that there is always a solution.  


Tazim works with various levels of need and her speciality is working with those that have acute, complex mental health issues and experienced multiple treatment ‘failures’.  She enjoys working for the benefit of adolescents as well as of adults with mental illness and co-occurring challenges.  


She works best with families that are truly willing to be involved throughout the recovery process. Complex and conflictual family systems, however, do not deter her. She believes that making a referral to a program or planning an outpatient treatment option is only one of many steps to the road for recovery.  These steps often include addressing family issues.


Another speciality of hers is working with complex divorce cases.  If needed she has the ability to testify and work with the lawyers and other professionals to ease the process during this time.  Lastly, with her executive background in residential care, she has experience in placement with wilderness programs, assessment centers, residential treatment centers, as well as therapeutic boarding schools.  

She offers two types contract. The first is a placement only where she helps family pick the best program and therapist based on background and clinical information.  The other is a long term case management contract which allows her to follow the case and help with next steps and discharge planning after placement.  In addition hourly work is also available in certain circumstances.