Meet Brad

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Bradley Richards, MA 

Psychiatric Preventionist



Brad is a skilled and sensitive psychiatric behavior interventionist and care navigator. He enters crisis situations, quickly grasping and understanding the facts in a way that allows him to re-frame and help those involved, to begin moving the crisis to a place of calm and clarity. What Brad does goes by many names: care navigator, care manager, behavioral analyst, and psychiatric interventionist. What Brad prefers to be called is a Preventionist!   Brad creates alliances with individuals and family members dealing with the impact of mental disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and substance abuse disorders. He helps to move the person needing care (literally providing transport services when needed) into appropriate services. Brad has a support team of 40 mental health professionals and coaches. He works nationally with a broad professional network to help families achieve desired outcomes.  As Founder and President of Brad Richards Inc., Brad works as an advocate, mentor, court-appointed care manager, and consultant in care plan development. He also used his advanced degree in behavior analysis to coordinate clinical care for 10 years at Eden II Programs in Long Island and Staten Island, NY, serving people with persons on the autistic spectrum. 


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