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Stephanie McMahon, MA


Health Coach

From 2017 to 2020, Stephanie helped Virgil launch Virgil Stucker and Associates, focusing mostly on family support and communications. Stephanie created and produced our podcast, Mental Horizons and was a regular author on our blog. She is the co-author of our book, A Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery.

Stephanie now has her own business as a health coach, supporting clients one-on-one who are looking to make positive changes to their health.



Before joining Virgil Stucker and Associates in 2017, Stephanie worked for three years in secondary education at a private all-girls boarding school. While there, she worked in admissions and marketing, helping expand the reach of the school into domestic and international markets using creative strategy. Her favorite aspect of this work was getting to interview bright and inspiring students from all over the world. 


Prior to that, from 2009-2014, Stephanie worked at CooperRiis, a nonprofit residential program in North Carolina. While a part of that therapeutic community, Stephanie worked in various marketing, communications, and admissions roles. One of the highlights of her time at CooperRiis was building a strong national referral base through active relationship-based marketing efforts.

Stephanie's interest in healthcare and communications come from her time spent working and living at Gould Farm, the longest-running nonprofit therapeutic community in the US. Stephanie grew up at Gould Farm and as a child spent a lot of time explaining to curious friends exactly what Gould Farm was (most people who visit or find out about Gould Farm become intrigued by its unique mission).


Perhaps this early role of translator is part of what drew her to a career in communications. For example, transforming the seemingly complex world of mental illness into something more clear and accessible is the inspiration behind the podcast Mental Horizons. 

Stephanie spent many years off-and-on from the late 1990's to 2009 working at the Monterey and Boston locations of Gould Farm, primarily in direct-care roles on the residential and clinical teams. During this time, she also worked at a residence for women with developmental issues.


Stephanie is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she received a Master of Arts degree in nonprofit and corporate communications as well as health communications.


After leaving high school early to attend Bard College at Simon's Rock, Stephanie received her Associate's degree at the age of 18 and went on to graduate from UMass Boston with her Bachelor's degree in English at the age of 20. 

Stephanie is a graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and she maintains a coaching practice working with clients who want to optimize their health using dietary and lifestyle interventions. 

Stephanie is also a proud two-time graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School. Hey, bear!

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