All six episodes in one place: Mental Horizons and the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 Pandemic struck the U.S. several weeks ago, our thoughts went immediately to the people most vulnerable to such a crisis: those already challenged by mental and physical illnesses. We then reached out to several leaders in the mental health field and asked them to speak to topics relevant to families, individuals, and mental health program leaders during these difficult times.

The six podcast episodes, all linked below, covered topics ranging from authenticity to teamwork, social connectedness to humor, crisis management, practical tips, online communication and trauma resilience to Zoom fatigue, future planning, and more.

All Six COVID-19 Podcast Episodes

COVID-19 and Residential Treatment Programs - a brief, special episode with Eric Levine, Ed.D. of CooperRiis Healing CommunityLevine, EdD

Social Connectedness During a Global Crisis with Ross Ellenhorn, PhD

Life After COVID-19: What Organizations Need to Do Next with Brian Hansen of Spring Lake Ranch

How To Deliver Mental Health Support Remotely with Brad Richards

COVID-19 and Trauma Resilience Strategies with Katie Mansfield of EMU's Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience Program

Transform Zoom Fatigue and Energize Your Community with this Assessment Tool with Virgil Stucker

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Disclaimer: As a therapeutic consultant, Virgil advises, advocates, recommends, facilitates and empowers, but he does not treat mental illness or addiction. While offering 30+ years of mental health experience, he is not a licensed mental health professional, but will often refer clients to professionals and programs for treatment. 


Note: Virgil has no financial relationship with any of these programs, except for Houston Methodist Hospital and McLean Hospital for whom he has been a consultant. Any consultation he gives is for educational, informational and motivational purposes only and is not meant to replace professional psychiatric, psychological, programmatic, legal or financial advice the client may need for him or herself or their family member from a licensed professional. 

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