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Guest Post - Pete Earley's blog: "Recovery Colleges"

Dear Colleagues and Families,

As the pandemic tsunami overwhelms the mental health of so many, we struggle to feel hopeful. The attached blog we were invited to write by Pete Earley hopefully inspires a path forward for some, with two key ideas:

Imagine a ‘Mental Health Recovery College’ in every state. These are not just residential treatment centers that focus on diagnoses; they focus as much on identifying and cultivating dreams.

Secondly, imagine the repeal of the federal IMD exclusion which prohibits Medicaid reimbursement for most mental health residential options. This repeal would make these centers more financially accessible.

See my guest post here:


Please send me responses and expressions of your ‘Rising Hopes’. Virgil@VirgilStuckerandAssociates.com

Virgil Stucker

Therapeutic Consultant



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Disclaimer: As a therapeutic consultant, Virgil advises, advocates, recommends, facilitates and empowers, but he does not treat mental illness or addiction. While offering 30+ years of mental health experience, he is not a licensed mental health professional, but will often refer clients to professionals and programs for treatment. 


Note: Virgil has no financial relationship with any of these programs, except for Houston Methodist Hospital and McLean Hospital for whom he has been a consultant. Any consultation he gives is for educational, informational and motivational purposes only and is not meant to replace professional psychiatric, psychological, programmatic, legal or financial advice the client may need for him or herself or their family member from a licensed professional. 

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