Therapeutic Consultation

Semi-Retirement July 1, 2021. I am no longer offering the 12-hour contract for placement but am happy to read or hear your narrative and refer you to one of my Associates or other trusted consultants. On a limited basis, I am continuing to offer long term planning (extended support) to a few clients and also non-profit leadership or organizational consultation.  



1. Therapeutic Consultation: an intensive 12-hour therapeutic consultation; our most commonly utilized service. 

2. Extended Support: a quarterly arrangement wherein all services provided through our therapeutic consulting are offered in addition to parent coaching and care coordination.


How do I know my loved one needs help?

Your loved ones' struggles may have reduced their quality of life, getting in the way of college, employment, and relationships. Medication management and monthly trips to the psychiatrist or therapist are probably not meeting their needs. They may have had one or more psychiatric hospitalizations.

No matter what age we are, we all seek belonging, a sense of purpose, and mastery of skills. When these things are missing from our lives, whatever challenges we face may seem impossible to overcome. Serious mental illness interrupts careers and educational paths, relationships, and future opportunities. We focus on empowering individuals to restore their sense of belonging, purpose, and mastery so that they can achieve and sustain a healthier lifestyle. 


Whether your family member is 20 or 62, we want to know: what are their hopes and dreams for the future? Effective and compassionate treatment can help your family member learn how to manage their mental illness so that they can begin to build their future once again. We help families identify and access treatment options based on best fit for the person of concern.



12 Hours


We begin immediately with an in-depth 60-minute phone call followed by a discovery period that includes collecting written narratives of family, friends, and clinical professionals, as well as any relevant medical records of past hospitalizations or treatments.

As family forms, clinical narratives, and medical records are received, we review each item in-depth and communicate with you regularly on additional questions as we build a broad narrative for the person of concern.

Throughout the span of this contract, we are available to you 7 days a week via phone, text, and email.

As we build a holistic understanding of your loved ones' strengths, goals, and challenges, we gain a picture of what the best steps for treatment might be going forward. If clinicians are involved, we have as many collaborative discussions with them about planning as needed.

As we progress in our mutual understanding of next steps, we facilitate communication with identified treatment programs and help you address any concerns about cost, insurance, or legal matters. The typical outcome of our work together is admission to a therapeutic program that meets the needs of your loved one.




When ongoing therapeutic consulting and care coordination services are needed, we offer a quarterly engagement. We generally schedule weekly family calls for coaching and support. We are accessible for urgent matters by email. Additionally, when we offer quarterly services, we generally help families to develop long-term plans, optimizing the recovery and lifestyle of their family member. In this area, we may also confer with the family's attorney, financial planner or trustee.